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Jewellery shaped like simple black birds.


Migrating Birds range

Black enamelled sparrow series. Priced £15-22.

A close up of older, dark skinned hands fiing a piece of copper shaped like a bird.


Filing copper

Making jewellery

Two earrings shaped like simple swallows and enamelled in red.


Red swallow earrings

Part of range of jewellery. Priced £15-22.

a silver necklace with crescent shapes



Work from the latest workshops with artist Kathryn Partington.

A gruop of women crowd around as a man solders some metal in a cramped workshop.


Crescent Silver

The group on a visit to Crescent Silver in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.




Mercian Medals

Bilston Craft Gallery
Tuesday 16 February
11am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 3pm
Maximum of 12 children per session, aged 5 – 12.

Shelanu will work with the children to create embossed medals and jewellery. Children will emboss thin sheet metal (copper and aluminium) by drawing with pens. The pieces of metal will then be secured onto either a card or plywood backing to give the piece a more three-dimensional appearance. The pieces can then be decorated with colour using permanent markers (e.g. Sharpie pens), which is suitable for the metal. Appropriate fixings will then be attached to the pieces so the children can wear them.

Photographs © : Becky Matthews

Developing people, ideas and opportunities through contemporary craft.

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