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A small cross stitched political message witha  flowery border fixed to an industrial fence.

Making for Change

Craftivist Collective

Mini Protest banner


Making for Change

Project Summary

Applications are open for 16-25 year olds to take part in a week of craftivism at mac birmingham 4-8 April 2016. (Deadline for applications 9th March).

@craftspaceyouth   #makingforchange

We have been working with young people from around Birmingham to investigate how they could make a positive social change using Craftivism (craft + activism).

The next event is a week of activities at mac Birmingham.

Participants will take part in four days of talks, workshops and making sessions at mac birmingham. They’ll create their own craftivist campaign about issues that affect them. The campaigns will be showcased at a public event at Impact Hub Birmingham at the end of the week.

For more details of the event and how to apply see the event page.

Long term project

This is a long term project and we will be collecting feedback from the April week-long event to help develop the programme further.

Our aims are that young people will have the opportunity to;

• build their skills and confidence enhancing their employability

• have their say on matters that affect them.

• develop making skills and explore how to use them within social action

• do an arts award

• be signposted from the programme on to other local opportunities.

• be engaged in an ongoing maker mentor scheme so that they have a legacy to their contact with Craftspace.


This project began with an event at Impact Hub in 2015.

This day of workshops introduced the idea of Craftivism to a group of young people and gathered feedback to develop the project further. We have been supported by artists and people involved data and campaigning.

We have been doing work around craftivism since 2010.

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Developing people, ideas and opportunities through contemporary craft.

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