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Large boot shaped forms woven from chunky sectgions of dried grass.

Radical Craft

Grass Boots Replica

Joanne B Kaar (after Angus McPhee)

A bright stained glass window showing distorted figures, animals and bare trees.

Radical Craft

Landfill Tantrum

Pinkie Maclure

A model of a blue digger made from repurposed materials.

Radical Craft


Roland Kappel

A simple dinosaur form made from mixed media with pathces of colour on it's body.

Radical Craft


Julia Kraise-Harder


Radical Craft


A Craftspace and Outside In touring exhibition launching at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester on 12 March 2016 then touring the UK.

The exhibtion celebrates creativity by self-taught artists from across the UK and abroad who make work in a private domain outside the mainstream.

The exhibition will tour to eight venues around the UK.

Photographs © : Joanne B Kaar, Atelier 5, Mariaberg

Developing people, ideas and opportunities through contemporary craft.

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