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An older lady knits. She is wearning a knitted hat and cardigan.



A new play by Trevor Pitt

A rustic wooden shed on stilts containing a kiln and other tools, displayed in a gallery..

Will Shannon: The Closet Craftsman

Kiln House

Will Shannnon

A small vessel woven from willow.

Made in the Middle 2016

Made in the Middle 2012 exhibition

Maggie Smith: Willow Ware

Large boot shaped forms woven from chunky sectgions of dried grass.

Radical Craft

Grass Boots Replica

Joanne B Kaar (after Angus McPhee)

Jewellery shaped like simple black birds.


Migrating Birds range

Black enamelled sparrow series. Priced £15-22.


Working With


Working with artists in educational settings to encourage creative potential and personal development through contemporary crafts

Our projects are developed to meet shared aspirations through a collaborative and inclusive approach. We involve staff and participants in shaping projects.     

Participatory projects include all age groups across formal and informal educational settings. They often have lasting impact on artists, individual participants, families, organisations and their wider communities. Recently we have worked with early years providers, special schools, universities and primary schools 

We work closely with our partners to select the highest quality artists to lead the exploration of ideas, materials and making always include the presentation and sharing of work produced.   

Projects are accessible and mutually supportive, well documented and evaluated. Creative, social and personal development is as valued as technical skill.

The children developed their language and literacy skills by using new vocabulary. The project fuelled their creative thoughts and imaginations. It was a good opportunity to talk and sit with parents and build relations while working  creatively together.

Debbie Pullinger, teacher, Finding Space early years project

I found it really interesting working alongside my daughter with the willow and  saw what she is capable of doing. I for one would be willing to try different projects like this.

Julie Brunton-Douglas, parent participating in Finding Space early years project

Photographs © : Richard Battye, Joanne B Kaar

Working with artists in educational settings to encourage creative potential personal development through contemporary crafts.

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