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An older lady knits. She is wearning a knitted hat and cardigan.



A new play by Trevor Pitt

A rustic wooden shed on stilts containing a kiln and other tools, displayed in a gallery..

Will Shannon: The Closet Craftsman

Kiln House

Will Shannnon

A small vessel woven from willow.

Made in the Middle 2016

Made in the Middle 2012 exhibition

Maggie Smith: Willow Ware

Large boot shaped forms woven from chunky sectgions of dried grass.

Radical Craft

Grass Boots Replica

Joanne B Kaar (after Angus McPhee)

Jewellery shaped like simple black birds.


Migrating Birds range

Black enamelled sparrow series. Priced £15-22.


Working With


Enabling communities to use contemporary crafts for personal and creative development

Our partnerships with community organisations provide opportunities to work collaboratively with professional artists. We aim to enable people of all ages to access creative processes for enjoyment, for learning and as a tool for personal and skills development.

We believe in giving creative control to the learner or participant, with Craftspace acting as a facilitator, working in partnership with organisations who also value the creative process of individuals.

Photographs © : Richard Battye, Joanne B Kaar

Enabling communities to access contemporary crafts for personal and creative development.

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